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Membership fees for Nesselande

Nesselande Abonnement:
per week:


Groeps Lessen DANS 1 x per week

Groeps Lessen DANS 2 x per week

Groeps Lessen DANS NO LIMIT

Eenmalige inschrijfkosten

1 x

2 x




1 maand

1 maand

1 maand



€ 27,00

€ 37,50

€ 57,50

€ 15,00

   Payment of monthly fees by direct debit only.
  •  Payments are for monthly membership fees with no commitment to annual subscriptions and have a one-month notice.
  •  Please note: The comprehensive school De Node at Nesselande will close for eight weeks a year. There will be no classes possible at DPFC Nesselande during the six weeks’ summer holidays and the two weeks’ Christmas break. You do not have to pay any membership fees during these periods.

This does not apply to the main studio as we have an adapted summer schedule and are normally open during the Christmas break.

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