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Welcome to the DPFC website

The strength of DPFC is the enormous diversity in sports, fitness and dance. The center differs from other centers through its unique look. The service, friendliness and mutual trust have made our center famous. As many as 110 group classes per week are given in three different sports and dance halls (studios). There is also a brand-new fitness center for ladies & men. Clean and spacious changing rooms with separate male and female saunas are also available.

Since 1987 the extensive ballet and dance department has been set up professionally.
DPFC provides ballet and dance lessons for young children from 2 and a half years old to adults. From classical ballet, jazz ballet, ballet to tap dance, street dance and Hip Hop. We also pay (extra) attention to all children who have dance talent. DPFC operates with specially selected groups (Dance Pioneer) for which all children can do an audition.

DPFC stands for sports and dance ....... merged into one world.

Apart from the fact that you would expect that lessons are given professionally in any modern center, it is also important that the center is accessible to everybody. Whether you are overweight, above 50 years old, you prefer to dance than to take part in sports, or you just want to have fun, all these facets are present at DPFC.

Move quickly to our world: Phone 010-4557995