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Corporate fitness

Corporate fitness is becoming increasingly popular. Not only because it is tax deductible, but also because it is an excellent way to keep your staff fit and therefore your business healthy.

More and more companies in the Netherlands are choosing corporate fitness. Investing in a healthy and effective lifestyle pays off, according to research. Fit employees perform better, are less often sick and absent, are happier and more productive. Corporate fitness promotes team building, is fiscally attractive for the company and also attractive to employees because of the lower price of membership.

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We offer a custom–made package for each company, for each employee.
Do you want to know more and find out what the best solution might be for your business?
Let our experts help you! Call or e-mail us for an appointment and we will visit you free of charge!

You can reach us by phone on 010-4557995 and ask for S. v.d. Groenendaal or send an e- mail to