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Children's Dance Party Theme

A children’s active dancing party

A two- hour children’s active dance party at DPFC is great fun. During the children's theme dance party all children learn a dance to the theme that they have chosen!
In the first hour, the teacher will explain to all the dancers which birthday theme has been chosen. After a warming up, a number of dance routines are taught.

If you have your own idea on a dance theme then of course you can use this with your friends or you can invent a short dance spontaneously with your friends.

After the first hour you can just relax, have something to drink and everyone gets a bag of candy.
After the break, all the children get changed into their theme costumes! Once the child whose birthday it is has been made up then a group photo is made for everyone. This is always a nice memory of this special birthday party. The last half hour can also be used for rehearsing the dance because at the end of your child's dance theme party all parents are welcome to come and watch the short performance. 

• Children’s parties can take place on Sundays between 10.30-12.30.
• Charges: € 12.00 per child with a minimum of 8 children

Possible themes;
Street Dance / Hip Hop, Princesses and Knights, Cowboys/(Cowgirls), Ballerina, K3, Plop, Cheerleader, Disco & Halloween ..... or your own idea.
The latter option has to take into account any additional costs for certain ideas to be realized but all ideas are welcome and can be discussed!

This all means lots of fun, dancing and playing for the kids

For information on a children’s dance party, please call our reception desk on 010-4557995 or use the form below

Application Form Children's Dance Party Theme