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Theatre shows

DPFC produces semi-professional theatre shows in which all dance students have
the opportunity to really dance in a great theatre. It is an unforgettable experience for
all dancers and a passionate event in which everyone appears on stage wearing real
theatrical makeup and beautiful costumes.

All students, young and old have the opportunity to volunteer to dance in these shows. The organisation of these shows is extremely complex and requires a lot of preparation time.

The dance students are notified months in advance when the shows will take place, so they can then decide whether they do or do not wish to take part. The rehearsals for these theatre shows are held in the regular dance classes and the choreography is completed within four months.

DPFC mixes its own music in a studio and we ensure that the whole show runs without interruptions. There is no time to get bored even for a minute and the audience will see the show passing in a flash!
Every year we have our own show in the theatre and the performances include show dance, children's dance, street dance and tap dance at all levels in beautiful costumes.

DPFC owns thousands of costumes. Depending on the theme and dance form that may have a specific choreography, the costumes are adapted to the students. On the big day we leave for the theatre with hundreds of dancers. Every year we give four, six or even eight theatre shows. Usually we appear in the Isala theatre in Capelle a / d IJssel. Nothing is left to chance, all lighting and technical details are worked out, the plans for what the 80 to100 employees have to do are ready and dress rehearsals take place on stage in the theatre.

All this is done to finally be able to perform a great show for our audiences. DPFC attracts a full house every year and our tickets are usually sold out within two weeks.

This production is fully directed by Sylvia vd Groenendaal. Read more »