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The DPFC vision on sports

“For those who no longer use their body just
to move their head!”

The DPFC vision on sports
Apart from the fact that you would expect from any modern center that lessons are given in a professional manner, it is also important that the center is accessible to any audience.
Our main studio is a modern center with many changing rooms, showers, saunas, a large reception area and a private open gym equipped with cardio and strength–building equipment. The dance and sports halls in the main studio breathe a friendly atmosphere and warmth. Although at Nesselande we rent a gymnasium from the comprehensive school and the above facilities are not fully present, we try to make the DPFC lessons at Nesselande just as professional and friendly and try to bring across our passion to the people of Nesselande. You will therefore find the same qualified teachers from the main studio in Nesselande.

Whether you are overweight, over 50, you would rather dance than take part in sports, or you just want to have fun, all these facets are present at DPFC Nesselande.

We have also have taken our own mobile mirrored walls and much more sports equipment to Nesselande.

Dance at DPFC
The ballet and dance department is very comprehensive and has been professionally set up in our main studio for 25 years.
DPFC has ballet and dance for young children from two and a half years old up to adult ages. 

From classical ballet, jazz ballet, children's ballet show and ballet to tap dance, street dance and Hip Hop.

In Nesselande we (also) have General Dance Education, pre-school dance, jazz, ballet and street dance. We also pay attention to all children with (natural) talent for dance. DPFC operates with specially selected groups (Dance Pioneer) for which all children can do an audition at the main studio.

DPFC means “sports and dance ... ... merged into one world.”