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“For those who no longer just use their body
to move their head!”

DPFC’s sport vision
Apart from the fact that you would expect that lessons are given professionally in any modern center, it is also important that the center is accessible to everybody. Whether you are overweight, above 50 years old, you prefer to dance than to take part in sports, or you just want to have fun, all these facets are present at DPFC.
At the same time we also work with options as much as possible in the different classes, which means that the same exercise can be performed in various ways. This allows different types of people to participate in the same class. Why should a high-intensity class only apply to young slender women, while many of the movements can be performed less intensively?

Because our teachers have sufficient expertise in this area it is possible that young and old, fat and thin people can all take part in the same class and enjoy it just as much. Due to this mixed nature of classes you can feel at home at DPFC.

Some of our clients praise the warm and friendly atmosphere here.