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House Rules

General Provisions

  •   All members must at all times have their membership card (credit card) on them and use it to check in at the reception desk. By swiping your card at the reception desk your presence in our center is registered. Furthermore, the intention is for you to show your card or strip of tickets to the trainer or teacher when commencing your course or lesson.
  •  Smoking is forbidden throughout the entire center.
  •  Only drinks or food sold at our center may be consumed here.
  •  The Management is not liable for loss or theft of personal property or accidents in and around the center.
  •  You can hand in your valuable belongings (wallet, phone, keys, etc.) at the reception. There we have small safes. For all other belongings please use our lockers but do not leave any valuables in the locker room.
  •  For lost and found articles please report to the reception.
  •  Defects in equipment, locker rooms, saunas, toilet, etc. can be passed on to the reception.


  •   For hygienic reasons, you are only allowed to enter the showers and sauna without clothing and shoes on.
  •  The use of a towel in the sauna is mandatory.
  •  Everyone must adhere to the normal way of using the sauna. Take a refreshing shower regularly between saunas! Start on the low benches, do not sit on the top benches right away! If you have a heart problem, or you are prone to anxiety or other health problems, first ask your doctor whether you may use the sauna!

Fitness and sports classes

  •   Dumbbells, weights and other materials are to be placed back after use.
  •  While training in the gym and / or sports and dance halls, the use of a towel is mandatory.
  •  Wearing clean sportswear and (indoor) sports shoes is mandatory. See also our dress code!
  •  While taking part in our sports classes we advise you to use a water bottle.
  •  The use of chewing gum is forbidden during all our training sessions! Safety first - NO chewing gum!

Ballet and dance lessons

  •   Wearing beautiful dancing clothes and special ballet and / or dance footwear is mandatory.
See also the Dress Code!
  •  For all children's lessons the rule is: Hair down (pig tail, platted or bun)
  •  The use of chewing gum in our ballet classes is forbidden.