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DPFC is a complete and versatile sports and dance center with a family atmosphere. We offer sports, dance, ballet lessons and opportunities for an extensive workout to a wide range of people in the age of 2 to 78.

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  •  Parking
There is free parking at our center.
  •   Fitness
Our center possesses a wonderful fitness center, equipped with the most advanced equipment from Gym 80. Equipment that is known for its durability, functionality and safety!
In addition to this power equipment from Gym 80 we also have cardio equipment such as computerized treadmills, steppers, elliptical trainers, bikes and (concept) rowing machines.
There is a professional fitness coach present who introduces you to our equipment and can make a personal fitness program with you.
  •  Sports and dance halls (studios)
In our main building you will find three major sports and dance halls (studios) next to the fitness room. Each day there is a variety of sports and dance classes going on in each room (studio).
Just look at our versatile schedule! The rooms are equipped with mirrors, sprung floors and are fully ventilated.
  •  Changing rooms and saunas
We have separate dressing rooms for men and women with private shower and sauna facilities. The use of the sauna is free to all our customers!
There is an extra dressing room on the first floor for those who train or dance there. All the dressing rooms are equipped with lockers which are free of charge! Nothing is more important than that your personal property can be safely stored while having a workout. 
  •  Bar & reception area
Parents can enjoy a quiet break and a drink in the bar when their daughter or son is dancing. Parents can follow their child’s progress because there are large TV screens showing what is taking place in the various dance studios or they can just enjoy a pleasant chat with other parents.

This is also an excellent relaxation area for our members where all kinds of soft drinks, sports drinks, gourmet teas, coffees and other hot drinks are available.

For all your questions and enquiries about (membership) registration please contact our reception desk.
On arrival at our main studio you always have to check in by using your special DPFC (membership) card.
Additional facilities
  •   Separate saunas for men and women
  •  Men's and Women's locker rooms and shower facilities
  •  Luxurious reception / lounge area
  •  Free lockers
  •  Personal Trainers
  •  Certified weight consultant
  •  DPFC is affiliated to Fit! Vak the trade association of accredited sport and exercise centers.