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Our center possesses a wonderful fitness center, equipped with the most advanced equipment from Gym 80. Equipment that is known for its durability, functionality and safety!
In addition to this power equipment from Gym 80 we also have cardio equipment such as computerized treadmills, steppers, elliptical trainers, bikes and concept rowers.
There is a professional fitness coach present who introduces you to our equipment and a can make a personal fitness program with you.

The human body is made to move in free space, and why would we suddenly start to change that? The safety of many exercises is mainly related to the way the exercises are performed. Within DPFC we believe that way this is done (under the supervision of our expert fitness instructors) is crucial. Of course we also have the necessary, high-quality fitness equipment, but also there is plenty of opportunity to use dumbbells, physio balls, Bosu's, tubes and x-conditioning coaches.

No two people are alike and therefore DPFC does not believe that everyone benefits from the same type of training. Because of the diversity of training options, it is possible to thoroughly train the whole body and keep in good shape.

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